Water Meter 201


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This machine mixes the cooled or heated water with the normal tap water to the desired final temperature  and doses the correct amount of water . The desired water quantity and temperature can be entered on the keyboard using the numeric keys. The KWD-201 then mixes and doses the set amount of water at the set temperature. Water that has not yet reached the correct temperature can be drained by means of the automatic flow. The built-in memory stores the set water quantity and temperature, so that the same dosage can be carried out over and over again. During the dosing process it remains possible to measure the dough temperature. You can easily return to the dosing process using the arrow keys.

Dosing device specifications:

  • Fully automatic with two incoming water connections;
  • Electronic adjustment of the water quantity and temperature;
  • Automatic advance (adjustable);
  • Stainless steel housing, dimensions 505 x 405 x 210 mm (h x w x d)
  • Outlet hose with stainless steel end bend;