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• Double Spiral Mixer with Removable Bowl Trolley

• Capacity (kg): 180 / 220 / 280 / 340 / 440 / 540 / 800

• Double spiral mixer with contrast column.

• Painted steel structure raised from the ground on 4 adjustable feet.

• Stainless steel bowl, spirals and contrast column.

• Electrical controls via 7” touch-screen panel.

• Automatic opening at the end of the cycle.

• Recipe history memory.

• Mixing recipes with "time" parameter or "absorbed energy" parameter.

• Two independent motors for tools and bowl.

• Tool and bowl speed variation system via inverter (with programming on the on-board computer – requires a class B differential).

• Closed dustproof stainless steel tank lid with blue polyethylene edge.

• Work area and electrical panel with IP65 protection rating (totally protected against dust and protected against water jets).

• Motion transmission to the “OIL FREE” tools via pulleys and belts. Motion transmission to the bowl by coupling with an elastic and tilting friction wheel with speed reduction by belts.

• Bowl traction ring equipped with anti-slip system (thermally insulated, anti-grease and anti-condensation).

• Bath trolley on wheels.

• Trolley release/coupling and head lifting/lowering with hydraulic cylinders controlled by a special control unit.

• Electrical panel in separate cabinet on the machine on the right side.

• Machine structure, trolley, casing and electrical panel in stainless steel.

• Centralized lubrication of main bearings (manual or automatic).

• Electric panel wall-mounted air conditioner.

• Control computer with 10” touch screen monitor.

• Interface with automatic dosing.

• Sensitive anti-pinch ring.

• Vertical tub wall scraper.

• Contact dough temperature detection system inserted in the scraper.

• Dough cooling device through insufflation of cryogenic gases.

• Electrical panel on the left or separated from the machine body.

• Hopper for inserting micro ingredients on the tank lid.

• Unions for loading powders and/or liquids.

• Drilling of the tank bottom for washing water drainage.

• Bowl motion transmission by means of pinion on crown gear.

• Special (custom) tools.

• Bayonet connection.

• Additional tools (bayonet connection required).