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• Single Spiral Mixer with Removable Bowl / Trolley

• Capacity (kg): 80 / 100 / 130 / 160 / 200 / 250 / 300

• Painted steel rack raised from the ground on 4 adjustable feet.

• Bowl, spiral and contrast column made of stainless steel.

• Two independent two-speed motors for spiral and bowl.

• Closed bowl powder-protection lid made of stainless steel with blue polyethylene rim.

• Movement is transmitted to the spiral by pulleys and V-belts.

• Movement is transmitted to the bowl by means of a coupling with elastic and tilting clutch wheel and belt speed reducer.

• Bowl thrust rollers.

• Bowl carrying trolley on wheels.

• Release/connection of trolley and head lifting/descent by hydraulic cylinders commanded by dedicated control unit.

• Electric panel located in separate cabinet on the right side of the machine.

• Electric commands with two timers, setting of work time with automatic shift from 1st to 2nd speed.

• Selector to reverse bowl movement.

• Selector to activate second bowl speed.

• Opening/closing control with hold-to-run buttons.

• Uprated tools speed (205rpm).

• Stainless steel structure with micro shot-peening treatment.

• Computer with 7” touch-screen monitor for:

a. programming and storing 100 recipes;

b. manual or automatic mode;

c. signal exchange with automatic ingredient dosing systems;

d. active protection of mechanical and electrical components of the machine;

e. display of the dough temperature;

f. code management and description of anomalies/alarms, including language selection

(available languages: IT-UK-FR-ES-DE)

• Spiral with oversized bar (ASE 80-250 EVO).

• Uprated spiral motor (ASE 80-250 EVO).

• Interface with automatic dosages.

• Dough temperature contact probe.

• Dough cooling device by blowing cryogenic gas.

• Automatic opening at the end of the cycle.

• Electric board on left side.

• Electric board available on detached cabinet (max. 2 meters).

• Side bowl scraper

• Micro ingredient discharge hopper on the bowl cover.

• Powder and/or liquid loading opening (maximum 2 powder inputs).

• Couple of connections for lateral discharge lifters (1 for each trolley).

• Special tools (customised).

• Bayonet plug for interchangeable tools.

• Additional tools with bayonet plug.

• Special voltage/Frequency.