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Divider rounder Mod. ATHENA PLUS heavy duty, high output divider rounder machine with 4-5 or 6 rows, suitable for dividing and rounding dough, which undergoes further processing to obtain round, moulded, pita, pizza bread, hamburger buns and finger rolls. The machine is suitable for working soft and semi-hard dough and has a tefloncoated s/steel hopper of approx. 35 kg capacity.The dough is handled gently thanks to a star wheel dosing system and adjustment of the pressure in the portioning chambers. All this avoids stress to the dough due to the mechanical action of the machine, producing the required weight of dough.After the weight is determined the piece of dough is discharged and enters the rounding drum, which is easily interchanged according to the required weight. Electronic adjustment of the rounding speed is also possible during work. The suitably rounded pieces of dough are placed on the spreading belts for pick-up or for being placed on the furher moulders.