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The energy to drive the bowl is recovered to rotate the tool. The differential rotating speeds allow for the injection of the «right» energy as required for a given recipe. During the kneading process, the peripheral speeds of the bowl and tool are different which leads to the tool driving the bowl, while the speed should, on the contrary, be controlled.

VMI has made the decision to store and reject the energy in the tool’s driving circuit, thus reducing its consumption.

The noise level coming from KNEADSTER is limited (85 decibels) for added comfort in the workplace. The removable bowl is easy to use with its 2 handles. The control panel can be placed on the right or on the left, or at a distance.

With its full stainless steel construction, KNEADSTER can be cleaned with a pressure washer, and has no visible pivot, screw or seal. This provides for easier cleaning and the time dedicated to this task is significantly reduced.