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Rijkaart Sheeting Lines

The Rijkaart sheeting line has been designed according to the latest hygiene standards, for the continuous industrial production of various flatbread products. All Rijkaart lines are tailored to meet customer specifications. The Rijkaart sheeting lines can produce a large variety ofhigh-quality products with efficiency and consistency. The Rijkaart sheeting line is easily cleanable and are available in wash down version.

Rijkaart machines utilize different types of cutting systems depending on the requirements of the product. Shown here are die cutter carousel to house several die cutters allowing for fast/ efficient product changeover, also pictured are die cutting roller for high speed sheet/cut lines and mechanical traveling guillotine.

Rijkaart has several options to form the dough sheet which is just right for your product. The Rijkaart extruder, shown here, is our tried and tested workhorse; it will create an accurate and consistent dough sheet from all types of dough. We can also provide zero stress or low stress sheeting systems for bread/pizza etc. The sheeting systems can be fed either automatically or manually.

Glazing and topping is standard for Rijkaart lines; as is positioning and depositing. Accurate placement of products onto trays, oven bands and transfer conveyors is possible using Rijkaart product positioning systems.

  • Quick and continuous return on investment 
  • Ultimate reliability and productivity 
  • Versatile system for production of different sheeted products 
  • Quick and intuitive product change-over 
  • Fast and efficient hygiene cycles 
  • Simple to operate with menu driven control system 
  • Able to connect to your network 
  • Available in width up to 1500 mm

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