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MR8, the latest advancement in Zero Stress Dough Technology to divide dough at high hydration and all the type of dough for the best of the Artisan Bread Production.

Our MR8 Divider, which has the satellite dough reduction head, the gauging rollers, strip and guillotine cutting system (for square, rectangular or diagonal cuts dough pieces already) is designed to gently handle all types of ciabatta, artisan bread and rolls.

This line has a production capacity of 1.000 Kg. of dough (2200 lbs.) per hour, and it is able to divide at 1-2-3-4-5-6 pockets with a max infeed width of 240 mm (9.45”). Single pocket, which can be divided according to the number of pockets of the knife. At 6 pockets it has 40 mm (1.57”).

This divider has a minimum length of any pieces of 10 mm (0.4”) and the max length is approx 800 mm (31.5”). Adjustable thickness of dough lamination from 6 to 30 mm (0.2” to 1.19”) The larger size dough pieces is sized very well for typical focaccia bread products.

MR8 has a weight range from 25g up to 2.000 g (3/4 oz to 4.4 lb).

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