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Model: LMO Max-E

The Roll-in Rotating Electric Rack Oven holds LBC oven racks with capacities of 16 sheet pans at 3" spacing, or 12 at 4", or 8 at 6", and rotates the rack. Racks are to be constrained at the top and bottom to prevent movement and allow for even rotation. The oven steam system is heated by the operation of the oven and does not include a pressure vessel. Steam time is one (1) to twenty (20) seconds at the beginning of the bake cycle. The oven shall be equipped with double doors with simultaneous opening. Doors must be latched closed to prevent opening during operation. Oven operates on 208, 240 or 480 VAC three-phase, and 120 VAC single phase power.

Construction Features:

  • Fits under 6'-6" Hood.
  • Gear drive rotation system.
  • Full view double pane windows.
  • Double doors with simultaneous operation.
  • Solid, full-length door hinge shafts.
  • Bright halogen interior lighting.
  • Stainless steel interior and exterior.
  • Self contained steam generation system.

Performance Features:

  • 25 KW heat input.
  • Calrod heater elements.
  • 3/4 HP top-mounted convection motor.
  • Heavy duty rotation system with self-adjusting clutch

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