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  • The Muffins & Cupcakes Automatic Doser Machine is the right machine for dosing soft or semi-soft dough, such as muffins, which incorporate pieces of solids with a diameter of up to approximately 15 mm.
  • It excels in the areas of speed, precision and ease of operation.
  • The volumetric dosing is exact and guarantees the same amount of product is dosed in all nozzles. Homogeneous product.
  • Flexible and expandable.
  • Quick and easy change of the different accessories for multi-product work.
  • Made of AISI304 stainless steel and materials suitable for the processing of food product.
  • For semi-automatic productions and/or those with a higher degree of automation, since it can be attached to a conveyor belt or production line.

The dosing volume and speed are independent and adjustable.

  •  The doser system doesn’t harm the dough and allows us to work with very diverse products. The design of the nozzles allows us to dose liquid dough, avoiding any dripping between trays.
  • The MA Doser Machine offers volumetric dosing in its different versions, both for the MA (pneumatic) and for the MAS (with servo motor) versions. The following table compares the main advantages of using a servo motor.

The volumetric dosing is regulated through the touch screen. Servo motor dosing replaces the mechanical stops and pneumatic adjustments, making the machine faster, smoother and more precise during operation.

Thanks to the servo motor, the user can control countless parameters electronically with a high level of reliability and efficiency.

Through the touch screen we can control all of the machine’s functions:

  • Recipe programming (create, rename, delete, duplicate).
  • Management with multi-users and passwords with different access levels according to rank.
  • Number of rows per tray and distance between products.
  • Forward movement of trays, being positioned for filling and exiting upon completion.
  • Option to create dosing patterns to adjust them to the different trays.
  • Electronic control of tray presence, when the tray reaches the end of the conveyor belt the machine stops until the tray is removed.
  • Single-dosing function for weight adjustment.
  • Multi-dosing function: dosing is repeated in the same position on the tray.
  • Independent conveyor function.
  • Anti-drip control.
  • Self-cleaning function.
  • List of alarms that occurred on the machine.
  • Control of activated automated inputs and outputs.

In addition to the standard tray width configuration of 40 cm, 45 cm, 60 cm or 80 cm, other tray sizes can be manufactured. The conveyor belt can be adapted to flat trays, paper trays or different conveyor systems and different types of moulds. A tray loader can also be added.


The standard hopper can be exchanged for one with a larger capacity, it can be heated to work with products such as chocolate, and another hopper can even be added to work with dough with two colours. • Option of using hoppers with different capacities. • The heads can be interchanged with different configurations in terms of outlets and volumes. • Removable, facilitates cleaning. Heated hooper. Hopper for dough with two colours.

Dosing Nozzles

The machine can be used with different types of nozzles, adjustable nozzles with a variable centre, higher caliber pistons, anti-drip nozzles, etc. Some allow the passage of solid particles with a diameter of up to 15 mm.


Different topping applicators can be attached to the machine. For decorating with chocolate pearls, seeds, pieces of walnut, sugar and other decorations.

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