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  • Very flexible machine, adapts to all types of toppings. Multi-product operation.
  • The topping is dosed in an outlet hopper and is moved along a belt until it falls through funnels and lands on top of the product. A leveller maintains a homogeneous amount of the product on the belt. This system favours the uniform dosing of fragments across the entire product. Adjustable output speed and product flow.
  • There are 3 ways to adjust the dose:
    • Through the hopper’s leveller (mechanical).
    • Through the speed of the belt with sugar (eletronic).
    • Through the belt movement time.
  • Modifications can be made by touch screen with different programmes depending on the product. Machine that works as a separate unit. A conveyor is added that works autonomously.

Very simple and cost-effective solution for dosing chocolate shavings, pieces of nuts, almonds, etc. When the piece to be decorated is under the doser machine, a valve is pneumatically activated that opens the holes through which the product falls. The outlet holes can be of different sizes according to the caliber of the topping, which falls through tubes that bring the outlet closer to the point to be decorated in order to distribute it correctly. Unit to be attached to a doser machine.

  • Operates pneumatically.
  • The outlet through which the product falls is formed by several small- caliber holes through which it is possible to dose sugar or powder. Very simple and cost-effective solution.
  • Unit to be attached to a doser machine.

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