NEW Frostmix: Cooled Bowl Mixer


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The spiral mixer Frostmix is a genuine innovation. It is the first standard removable bowl spiral mixer equipped with a triple jacketed rotary bowl cooled by circulating glycol water. Thanks to this system, Frostmix optimises heat exchanges and keeps the dough between 16°C and 20°C during mixing, without the need for ice or CO2. Specifically designed for making bread dough, pizza dough and frozen baked goods, Frostmix is a flexible, powerful, and economical solution.


  • Mixing capacity:
    100 to 250 kg of flour
  • Triple jacketed stainless steel bowl
  • Coolant: glycol water
  • Cooling system: rotary connector for glycol water inlet/outlet, resulting in 7 to 10 °C cooler dough temperatures, without ice or CO2
  • Possible installation combinations: 1 or 2 mixers in manual or automatic mode

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