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We offer aluminum and stainless steel silos for outdoor use in bolted and welded applications. We incorporate the latest technology to ensure a maintenance free system with self-cleaning air filters, vibratory fluidizing beds as well as full up-to-the-minute updates on inventory control, batching history, trouble shooting and programmable dosing. We offer many options for speed of dosing, dehumidification, screening, and more.

We offer mechanical and vacuum conveying systems for the granulars, and varying flow rates to meet your needs. Conveying pipe is offered in stainless steel and aluminum depending on the ingredient to be conveyed. They can be coupled with turbo-sifters or centrifugal sifters as well as in-line magnets to trap particulates.
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    • Sizes to accommodate your needs, up to 70 ton capacity.
    • Cleans air environment indoors.
    • Automates dosing.
    • Improves buying power of raw ingredients.
    • Eliminates disposal fees of bags.
    • Reduces labor costs.
    • Precision dosing.
    • Eliminates heavy handling of bags.
    • Various levels of sensors and inventory control to allow for monitoring and ordering.

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