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The POST OVEN represents the ideal production phase to make your product unique and distinguishable or to add value to the package and to be able to offer increasingly sought-after products to the market.

Once the cooling has taken place through the conveyor belts or a specific tunnel, it is possible to stuff the product, cover it with chocolate or combine it with different technologies.

Whether it is a product filled with cream, sandwich, with jam or chocolate coated Laser can offer a complete and turnkey solution to integrate
to the biscuit production line all these steps up to bringing the products to manual or automatic packaging.

Once cooked, the biscuit must be cooled and transported to the packaging islands. Maintaining a constant alignment and non- aggressive cooling are essential to obtain a whole product, which does not break, easily stackable and packable. Nobody wants a packet of crumbs!

For some products, decorated with chocolate, creams, jams and the like, the conveyors are not enough to cool the product but it is necessary to have a COOLING TUNNEL capable of breaking down quickly the product.

Once out of the oven, the cookies move on to the cooling station. In case you want to make coupled filled biscuits, Laser has thought of two different solutions, both able to fully satisfy the needs of speed and quality of production.

The LASERCAP machine can produce both filled biscuits and sandwiches, directly in line with the oven, significantly limiting the quantity of human resources required by traditional systems.

The result of Laser’s many years of experience in the sector, LASERCAP is a machine built in anodized aluminum and stainless steel, so it can be washed with a simple jet of water. it is completely controlled by Brushless motors, easily adjustable in any working position and versatile for all variations of working speed.

Thanks to the modular design it is possible to use the filling module and add the additional sandwich module with the overlapping system only at a later time. The machine can be equipped with two manifolds for a maximum production of 150 sandwiches per minute.

Available in different models, the Sandwich Machine SM with cream dispenser is able to produce sandwich products with an extruded and flush cut cream in the center through vibrating feed channels from which the biscuits enter on rails.

Designed in 2, 4 and 6 lIne versions, they can produce up to 800 sandwiches per minute per row, managing product sizes from 30 to 70 mm. It is possible to feed the machine manually from the vibrating channels or combine it with an automatic handling system to eliminate loading by the operators.

Designed for easy sanitization and to work 24/7 optionally, the Sandwich Machine SM can be combined with high-speed packaging machines or row multipliers to feed a cooling tunnel or a volumetric portioner or by counting.

It is also possible to stuff two different creams in the same biscuit to further customize the final product.

Chocolate Enrobing Machine

The CHOCOLATE ENROBING MACHINE is a versatile machine that is used to customize baked goods once they are cooked. Completely in stainless steel it allows the upper, lower or total covering of the product and also its decoration. After it there is installed a cooling tunnel to set the compound.


The HANDLING systems are designed to bring the cooked product from cooling to packaging, minimizing or completely eliminating human intervention in

the post oven process. Each product and each handling are different, so the solutions are customized taking into account the specific needs of the customer and the characteristics of the biscuit.

Oiling Machine

The OSM COOKIE OILING MACHINE nebulizes the oil thanks to two groups of rotating discs, one upper and one lower, which rotating at very high speed, thanks to the centrifugal force, create a uniform and fine mist of oil.

The machine is equipped with an oil recirculation system with a double filter, an oil temperature control and a recovery cyclone to prevent the surrounding environment from becoming contaminated. The machine is completely made of stainless steel and easily washable.

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