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The conical rounder SABOTIN 5 is designed for intermediate and final rounding of wheat and wheat-rye dough (% of rye flour depends on the flour quality and dough moisture).

The machine's excellent version ensures that moulded dough pieces obtain an ideal round shape and perfectly smooth surface, providing for an optimal intermediate proofing and loaf moulding.

Due to its robust construction and numerous available options, SABOTIN 5 is most suitable for use in industrial bakeries with automated and continuous production processes.


  • Individually adjustable rounding tracks for rounding of products of different weights.
  • The cone drive is equipped with a frequency inverter, enabling the user to choose its optimal speed, with regard to the line capacity, dough weight and type.
  • Soft start-up.
  • Charging from three sides (at 3, 6 and 9 o'clock).
  • The length of the rounding path is one of the longest among the machines on the market, giving optimal round shape to dough pieces.
  • Operation through the control panel.
  • Special Teflon coating of the dough contact surfaces minimises sticking of dough and guarantees a long life span.
  • The machine can be additionally equipped with a hot air blowing device and/or an oil spraying device for cone oiling, which additionally minimise dough sticking.
  • Outlet moulding conveyor with ejecting cone.
  • Outlet moulding conveyor for precise positioning of dough pieces.
  • The machine can be additionally equipped with a water spraying device for cone moistening which increases dough adhesion during its processing if needed.
  • Simple cleaning and maintenance of the machine.
  • Silent machine operation.
  • Robust machine construction provides long and reliable operation, suitable for 24-hour-long operation.
  • Teflon-coated surfaces in contact with dough.
  • Adjustable cone speed.
  • Stainless steel platings.
  • Manually adjustable rounding tracks with indicators of their position.
  • Outlet conveyor.
  • Ejecting cone above the outlet conveyor with position regulation.
  • Hot air blowing device.
  • Flour dredger with frequency inverter above the outlet conveyor***.
  • Inlet conveyor.
  • Inlet conveyor with directing reel****.
  • Oil spraying device***.
  • Water spraying device***.
  • Outlet moulding conveyor for precise dough piece positioning.
  • Prolonged rounding path in the machine version for final rounding (approx. 30% to 50%, depending on the charging side).
  • Special Teflon coatings for the cone and rounding tracks.

*** Possibility of selection of the outlet conveyor belt type when flour dredger or oiling/moistening devices are installed.

**** Directing reel is added at entry of dough perpendicular to the belt travelling of the inlet conveyor.

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