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The long moulder VIPAVA F is designed for moulding loaves of all types of wheaten dough. Due to its robust construction it is most suitable for use in industrial bakeries, either as an independent machine or as part of an automatic production line.

The VIPAVA 2400 is available in two versions; which differ in the moulding belt width (470 mm and 700 mm) and consequently in the length of the loaf. The VIPAVA 3000 differs from the VIPAVA 2400 in its higher capacity.


All machine parts in contact with dough are made of alimentary irreproachable materials preventing the dough from sticking.

Possibility of installing a hot-air blowing fan between the two pairs of cylinders, above thewrapping net and under the moulding board, which additionally prevents the dough from sticking.

Different loaves' shapes and lengths can be obtained by adjusting the moulding board's inclination and height, as well as the distance of the lateral guides.

Sturdy construction ensures a long life-cycle and possibility of intensive use.

Easily accessible surfaces from stainless steel make the cleaning and maintenance easier.

Wrapping conveyor with adjustable speed and adjustable wrapping mesh (VIPAVA 3000/500 F).

TECHNOLOGICAL AND TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS Vipava 2400/470 F Vipava 2400/700 F Machine capacity at 1200 g (pcs/h)* up to 2400 up to 2400 Weight of moulded dough pieces (g) 100 -1200 (1800**) 100 -1200 (1800 **) Moulding length (mm)** 125 – 380 180 -500 Belt widht (mm) 470 700 Installed power (kW) 1,65 1,65 Dimensions Machine dimension (mm) 3000x730x1780 3000x930x1780 Machine weight (kg) 450 550 Gross weight (kg) 520 600

*Capacity depends on dough weight and type.
**In combination with the inlet conveyor.
***Moulding length depends on dough weight and type.

  • painted or stainless steel frame and platings
  • rollers and conveyor separate drive
  • two pair of moulding rollers
  • Teflon coated lateral guides (height 20 mm)
  • continuously adjustable speed of rollers
  • inlet conveyor
  • higher Teflon coated lateral guides (height 30mm) (only for VIPAVA 2400 F)
  • flour dredger 400 R with continuously adjustable dredging intensity

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