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The dough divider MARK is an automatic volumetric dough divider designed to divide all types of wheaten and rye-wheaten dough containing max 70% of rye (depending on row materials quality).

The machine's dividing mechanism is driven by a hydraulic unit that allows the adjustment of the dividing pressure influencing both the dividing accuracy and dough structure.

It can be chosen between: 1-, 2-, 3- 4-, 5-, 6- pockets

Two versions are available; MARK and MARK ATT. The machine is operated through its electronic control panel (PLC) mounted on a rotating bracket.
The dough divider MARK ATT is equipped with an automatic check-weigher that ensures the maximum dividing accuracy by discarding the dough pieces that exceed the preset weight limits, as well as it automatically adjusts the dough divider's dividing volume in case of excessive deviations.


  • High dividing and capacity span ensured by the machine's unique design of the dividing pockets.
  • By PLC is possible to regulate pressure in dividing chamber from 0.4-3 bar.
  • The hydraulic dividing system with the adjustable pressure allows the dividing even of soft types of dough with a minimum porosity.
  • The dough pieces can be discarded left, right or both directions allowing the feeding of two make-up plants.
  • Wide range of divided dough pieces' weight and capacity.
  • High dividing accuracy.
  • All parts in contact with dough are made of alimentary irreproachable materials.
  • The MARK ATT ensures high dividing accuracy even of proofed dough.
  • stainless steel platings
  • inner outlet conveyor 1000 mm
  • outer outlet conveyor 500 mm
  • hopper 60 l
  • dough scraper
  • electronic control panel (PLC)
  • servo-adjustment of dough pieces' weight
  • PLC adjustment of pressure in dividing chamber
  • electronic capacity adjustment
  • inner outlet conveyor 2 x 500 mm
  • outer outlet conveyor 750 mm
  • outer outlet conveyor 1000 mm
  • outer outlet conveyor 1250 mm
  • extra outer outlet conveyor 500 mm
  • hopper 120 l
  • hopper 170 l

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